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  • Título: Stoicism: The Philosophy Of Calmness
  • Autores: George Muntau
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  • Nº de páginas: 193
  • Idiomas: Español
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  • Valoración: ★★★★★
  • País: España
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George Muntau con Stoicism: The Philosophy Of Calmness

StoicismThe Philosophy Of CalmnessIf you are a philosopher or someone who seeks to find principles of better ways of living, Stoicism is an interesting philosophy that guides one into a life that is full of fulfillment and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, it is not simple, philosophy is complex, but many people try to pick bits and pieces of it to make it work for them in some circumstances. If you want to know how to apply various principles of stoicism, learn its history and gain insights on how to better manage the things that are causing harm in your life, then Stoicism is the book that you have been waiting for.It doesn't matter the point in life that you are in, you might be living paycheck to paycheck, or you have a lot of wealth; the philosophy of Stoicism will help you manage the problems and situations that plague your life from day to day. It is often said that it’s hard to see an unhappy person in a Lamborghini, but as hard as it may seem to believe for an average man, there are different sets of problems that come with that. For any man to be able to counter the everyday problems, a philosophy is what comes to aid, it’s like an operating system. It is what helps you to become a better person when you have it all or when you have nothing.To have the right discipline and focus of life, this book is going to change your life and provide you with the best disciplines, or “Life hacks.” You will learn life skills and strategies to counter the most mundane, to the toughest things that come into your life. It is possible for one to lose all the things in life, especially possessions and family, this requires one to have a tough skin and way of living that can allow one to stand firm when this thing comes to play.Inside this book you will find:The History of StoicismHow you can program your mind through Neuroplasticity to create ways of coping with everyday situationsHow you need to handle and use your emotions in everyday situationsHow to incorporate this ancient practice in everyday livingHow to be the same calm person when faced with challengesYou will also learn daily routines that can help you get more out of lifeAnd moreYou need to prepare yourself to learn a new way of life that has been crafted and has been working for emperors, artists and many other figures throughout history. It is one of the ancient practices of life that has seen many people grow and become influencers in history. It is time for you to share the same meal as the stoics of the centuries that passed.If you're interested in ancient philosophy or just want to know how to live your life the stoic way, this book is for you!Scroll Up And Click The "BUY" Button!
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