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  • Título: Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment
  • Autores: Michael W. Rabow
  • Publicado: 3 de enero de 2018
  • ISBN: 9781259861482
  • Tamaño: .MB
  • Nº de páginas: 1952
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Editorial: www.fapermex.mx
  • Valoración: ★★★★★
  • País: España
  • Genero: Novela kindle
  • Comprimido: no
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

Michael W. Rabow con Current Medical Diagnosis And Treatment

Incorporate the latest research findings into your clinical practice with the #1 annually updated guide to internal medicine Includes 6 online-only chapters at no additional cost! Visit: www.AccessMedicine.com/CMDTNo other text links practice and research like CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment! Written by clinicians renowned in their respective fields, this trusted text offers the most current insights into symptoms, signs, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment for more than 1,000 diseases and disorders. You'll find concise, evidence-based answers to questions about both hospital and ambulatory problems. This valuable clinical companion is the fastest and easiest way to find the latest information about diagnostic advances, prevention strategies, and cost-effective treatments.Here’s why CMDT is critical to your practice:•Strong emphasis on the practical aspects of clinical diagnosis and patient management •Full review of internal medicine and additional family medicine topics, including gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, geriatrics, and palliative care •Annual update on HIV/AIDS and other new emerging viral infections •Specific disease prevention information •Medication treatment tables, with indexed trade names and updated prices•Helpful diagnostic and treatment algorithms •Key recent references on each topic with PMID numbers for quick access•Many full-color photographs and illustrationsA complete summary of medical advances up to time of publication!Here are some of the many updates and additions to the 2018 edition:•New print chapter on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health•Substantially revised pain management section, including latest information on benefits, risks and methods to limit risks of opioid use•New recommendations for initial empiric antibiotic treatment for hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumonia•2016 CHEST Guidelines for anticoagulation treatment recommendations in cancer and noncancer diagnosis•New discussion of physician-assisted death•Updated treatment options for hepatitis C infection•New FDA-approved medications for ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease•New pharmacologic treatment for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer•New table outlining criteria to rule out pulmonary embolism
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