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  • Título: A History Of Human Helminthology
  • Autores: David Grove
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David Grove con A History Of Human Helminthology

This detailed and comprehensive book will be the standard text on the history of human helminthology for many years. It puts into historical context the work of all those who have laboured in the field of helminthology over the centuries, from early theories about the nature of worms and spontaneous generation, to classification systems developed in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the subsequent elucidation of detailed life cycles over the last 100 years or so. The first three chapters give a general introduction, the next eight are concerned with trematodes (flukes), the next five with cestodes (tapeworms and cystic worms), the following eleven with nematodes (roundworms) and the final chapter covers miscellanea. Chapters concerned with specific worm infections begin with the discovery of the parasite then its life cycle, followed by an historical treatment of how the clinical manifestations have been recognised, diagnostic techniques developed, treatment evolved, the epidemiology understood and preventive and control measures applied. Some 130 short biographies of key research workers, most illustrated with photographs, are also included. The book does not assume a detailed prior knowledge of helminthology and provides fascinating insights for parasitologists, physicians and medical historians.
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